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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

1. Love yourself most of all. By accepting yourself, you can accept and love others.
2. Surround yourself with those that share the same values as you do about friendship. You get to pick your friends so pick the ones that lift you up and others. Don't let the negativity of others bring you down.
3. Learn to accept love in the package it comes in. You may have never thought of a partner of a different race but you could be missing on the greatest love of your life. Plus you would miss the education of seeing the world thru the eyes of someone different than you that you love. It's amazing!
4. Learn to speak your mind. Better to share your opinion early than let it fester and you blow up! Minimize the damage and be honest.
5. See others as teachers. They all have a different perspective and can provide you with great insights. Remember, everyone you meet knows something you don't.
6. Don't be afraid to show your true colors. Individuality is in and admired. Make your statement but be prepared to explain it. Be sure it relates to the profession you seek. No embarrassing pics on Facebook that will haunt you later.
7. You will make bad choices. We've all done it. Learn from them and better yourself but don't beat yourself up! Apologize and move on!
8. Create a starting point. Rich or poor, you need a plan and a course of action. You can't reach a goal unless you have one to shoot far.
9. Be your authentic self. Honesty and being genuine will win you over the competition every time!
10. You need to dress for success. If you have an important job, dress the part. However, if you deal with regular people, you should dress as they do to build camaraderie.

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