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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

1. Love yourself most of all. By accepting yourself, you can accept and love others.
2. Surround yourself with those that share the same values as you do about friendship. You get to pick your friends so pick the ones that lift you up and others. Don't let the negativity of others bring you down.
3. Learn to accept love in the package it comes in. You may have never thought of a partner of a different race but you could be missing on the greatest love of your life. Plus you would miss the education of seeing the world thru the eyes of someone different than you that you love. It's amazing!
4. Learn to speak your mind. Better to share your opinion early than let it fester and you blow up! Minimize the damage and be honest.
5. See others as teachers. They all have a different perspective and can provide you with great insights. Remember, everyone you meet knows something you don't.
6. Don't be afraid to show your true colors. Individuality is in and admired. Make your statement but be prepared to explain it. Be sure it relates to the profession you seek. No embarrassing pics on Facebook that will haunt you later.
7. You will make bad choices. We've all done it. Learn from them and better yourself but don't beat yourself up! Apologize and move on!
8. Create a starting point. Rich or poor, you need a plan and a course of action. You can't reach a goal unless you have one to shoot far.
9. Be your authentic self. Honesty and being genuine will win you over the competition every time!
10. You need to dress for success. If you have an important job, dress the part. However, if you deal with regular people, you should dress as they do to build camaraderie.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On September 8, 2014 Farmers partnered with leading U.S. pet insurance provider Pets Best to offer pet insurance through
Pets Best provides comprehensive coverage for your dog and cat for as low as $16/month.
Dr. Jack L. Stephens, president of Pets Best, founded pet insurance in the U.S. in 1981 with a mission to end euthanasia when pet owners couldn’t afford veterinary treatment. Dr. Stephens went on to present the first U.S. pet insurance policy to famous television dog Lassie. Pets Best provides coverage for dogs and cats and is the only veterinarian founded and operated pet insurance agency in the United States.
Anyone who purchases a policy through will receive a 5 percent discount on pet insurance provided by Pets Best, regardless of if they are a current Farmers customer.
Coverage available is:
- Routine veterinary expenses, such as office visits, vaccinations and teeth cleanings
- Accidents and illness
- Emergency visits, behavioral conditions, surgeries, hereditary conditions, international travel and more
And, you can pick your own Veterinarian using your zip code. Pets Best plans allow policyholders to choose any licensed veterinarian anywhere in the world. The vet locator service on the Pets Best website helps pet parents find the closest veterinarians simply by entering a zip code.
All claims are handled by Pets Best. For claims information, customers can contact Pets Best at 877-464-6542. Pets Best offers a claim pre-approval service and most claims are processed within two to five days. A representative from Pets Best will be available to handle claims Monday through Friday from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm Pacific Time and Saturday from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Pacific Time.
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Before leaving for vacation, make sure you inspect your home

Before leaving for vacation, make sure you inspect your home

Did you know: an 8 inch crack in your pipes can spew up to 250 gallons of water a day?1
Tips to protect your home while you are away:
■■ Turn off the water supply to individual fixtures like your washing machine, icemaker, toilets, and sinks. Flooding often occurs when hoses are worn or ruptured, or there is a leak at the connection.
■■ Use storm surge protectors on high-end electronics in case bad weather leads to flooding or fire.
Establish safety rules for the swimming pool and surrounding area

Did you know: more than 200 children younger than 15 years old drowned in a swimming pool or spa between Memorial Day and Labor Day in 2013?

Tips to keep your kids safe by the pool:
■■ Never leave children unsupervised around water, even if they know how to swim.
■■ Enclose the pool on all sides with a self-locking, self-closing fence with vertical bars. Openings in the fence should be no more than four inches wide.
Take safety precautions before you fire up the grill

Did you know: June and July are the peak months for barbecue fires?
Tips to prevent a grill fire:
■■ Place the grill outdoors and away from the house, deck, overhead branches and anything else that may catch fire. Make sure you also clean and remove any grease or fat buildup on the grill.
■■ If the flame goes out on your propane grill while cooking, turn off the grill and the gas. Wait 15 minutes before you relight to provide time for the propane to dissipate to avoid a gas explosion.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Think you pay a lot for auto insurance? Well, Houston isn't the worst place for Auto Insurance Rates, by far, but still not the best. Drivers in the North Carolina city enjoy the lowest auto insurance rates in the country, paying 43% less than the national average. Cleveland and Pittsburgh take the second and third place spots on ths list, with local drivers paying 31% and 24% less than the national average for their car insurance, respectively.
On the flipside, Detroit, Michigan is home to the most expensive car insurance rates, a fact that researchers blame on the area's many uninsured motorists and the fact that the state's insurers include unlimited personal injury protection with their policies. Drivers in the Motor City pay a full 165% more than the national average for their car insurance.
Wow, so that's #1. Funny thing is, the rest of the list isn't even come close to that 165% premium.
#2. New York City
36% more than the national average.
#3 Miami
34% more than the national average
#4 Los Angeles
25% more than the national average
#5 Atlanta
17% more than the national average
#6 Sacramento
16% more than the national average
#7 San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland
10% more than the national average
#8 Philadelphia
10% more than the national average
#9 Houston
10% more than the national average
#10 Tampa-St. Petersburg
9% more than the national average