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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

“My dog doesn’t bite” — until it does

Sometimes even good dogs bite, and when they do, you could be sued. If your dog bites someone, don’t panic. It’s important to remain calm so you can take swift and appropriate action:

Restrain your dog immediately.
Separate it from the scene and confine it.
Seek medical attention immediately.
If you think the injured person needs medical attention call 911.

Call me. If you have personal liability coverage under your Farmers property policy call me and be prepared to give me information about the time and place of the incident and the name and phone number of witnesses and any injured person.
Remember, if you have Farmers property coverage you can always call HelpPoint® Claim Services by Farmers at (800) 435-7764 for assistance when you need it most.

Watch the body languageDogs express their feelings with their bodies just as people do. For instance, a threatening dog may have a wrinkled nose that draws back to reveal its teeth; the hair along the back of its neck may be raised and its ears may lie back; its body may appear tense and the dog may growl or snarl. If your dog is behaving like this, remove him from the scene immediately and confine him. And, always try to avoid any dog displaying any of these signs or acting in a threatening manner.

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