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Thursday, October 24, 2013

I've Had an Auto Accident, Now What do I do?

I've had an auto accident, now what do I do?

I get this question a lot, espcially after someone has left the scene of an accident. So, this information should come in handy before or if you have an auto accident.

1. Check to see if anyone is injured, either in your auto, or the other autos. Document the injuries.
2. Call "911" for the police to come to the scene, and am ambulance, if someone is hurt. You will be asked by the 911 operator if anyone is injured and my suggestion is to answer that you "don't know". Simply, because you don't know if anyone will feel pain or soreness later on, and, the policy will take longer to come to the scene if no injury is reported.
3. Take photos of the scene, damages to the all cars, passendgers, drivers, etc. The goal is to document everything to be reviewed later. Of course, get the insurance and id information from all other drivers, and name of passengers.
4. Collect names and phone numbers of any witnesses. A witness could be a key deciding factor on fault. Sometimes, if the accident happens on private property, the policy will not come out to the scene so your witnesses will really be important to you then.

If you have any questions about what to do after an accident, don't hesitate to ask or call us at 713-688-8669. We can even provide you with a competitive auto insurance proposal as well!

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