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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Seven Tips to plan for a Hurricane

1. Designate a “safe room” that is protected from storm surges. In it, stock non-perishable emergency supplies and a first-aid kit. 2. Have a family plan in place. Plan escape routes and meeting places. Your family may not be together when disaster strikes and your usual lines of communication may be down. Make sure everyone knows where to go. 3. Keep emergency numbers handy and make sure your children know how to use them. 4. Create a “supply kit” that you can use if the power is out for a long time and you aren't able to evacuate. 5. Make sure you know whether or not your home is in a flood zone. Anyone near rivers or beaches that could overflow should have flood insurance. 6. Have a designated person to contact. This is usually one family member or close friend who doesn't leave near you but who also doesn't live more than a few miles away. 7. Consider travel insurance. Even people who don’t live in coastal areas may have to be ready for these storms. After all, hurricane season is also travel season, so flight cancellations and disrupted vacations could be in the forecast. A licensed, certified insurance agent should be able to help travelers find a policy that’s' right for them.

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