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Monday, February 20, 2012

Going from the rat race to the home space

As corporate downsizing and rightsizing continue and the Internet makes telecommuting ever more productive, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are discovering the benefits of running businesses out of their homes. If you are looking to be your own boss, set your own hours and not worry about getting laid off, a home-based business may be the right decision for you … but make sure you and your valuable property are covered.

If you operate a retail business or office from your home, your homeowners and personal auto insurance typically will not give you the coverage that you want. However, a home business insurance policy may help insure you, your property and your income while you grow your business and beyond.

Coverage for your home business
The coverage under most home business insurance policies is similar to that of most small business insurance policies.

Property Coverage - Includes coverage for losses to your building and premises, business personal property and contents.

Liability - Covers damages to your business for losses to third parties from:

Bodily Injury — people injured on your premises or by a product you manufacture or sell.

Personal Injury — violations of privacy, false imprisonment, wrongful eviction, etc.

Advertising Injury — for losses due to alleged slander, libel, or copyright infringement by you or your employees.

Many of us are re-evaluating our lifestyles and operating a home-based business may provide a new opportunity. Call me — I can give you information you need to help select coverage that you want. Forward this to someone you know — I can show them coverage that may fit their home-based business needs too.

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