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Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for The Snow/cold Weather

Here are a few tips and ideas on preparing your vehicle for the snow/cold weather.

1.First thing first make sure your vehicle is well maintained. Check the oil, anti-freeze, brakes, tire pressure, heater, battery, etc.. These are the simplest things you can do to avoid either breaking down or getting stuck in the snow or cold weather.

2.KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS. If it is expected to be below freezing or it is supposed to snow and your vehicle is either not in the best shape or suitable for the snow don't go to far or just don't go out at all. If it is freezing outside and your car is on its last leg to go far from home that way if it breaks down you wont have to far to go. If there is snow,either a lot or a little,keep in mind the type of vehicle you drive. Trucks dont do well in snow, especially if there is a lot. Even the big trucks have problems. make sure you put sands bags in your truck bed or, if there is a lot, fill it with snow to weigh down your back end. If the snow starts to pile up be very cautious driving through big drifts. If it is any deeper then a couple of inches find a different route. Once the snow gets that bad that is when it might just be best to stay home.

3. Here are a few basic things you should keep in your vehicle in case you find yourself broken down on the side of the road on a cold day: extra pair of gloves, beanie/snow cap, hoodie/jacket, boots, blanket, flashlight, lighter, small first aid kit, ice scraper. This way if you leave for work and forget your gloves and you end up breaking down you have a pair of gloves already in your car. Just make sure whatever you use gets put back in the car.

4. For those of you that want to be prepared for any occasion here are a few other things that would be handy to keep in your vehicle if you have the space: a gallon of water, something to snack on; beef jerky works well, a basic tool kit, power inverter, extra phone charger/car charger, rechargeable batteries and charger, rechargeable lantern, folding camp shovel, automobile fire extinguisher, emergency road kit, road flares, a can of tire patch repair. Most of this stuff would fit inside a normal backpack that you could keep in the back seat or trunk.

5. Hopefully this information was useful in helping you preparing your vehicle for cold weather. These are good things to keep in your vehicle at all times of the year even when it isn't cold out.

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